Reasons to Meditate


We are all brothers and sisters, regardless of our racial or cultural heritage. We will never know peace until we recognize this simple fact.  

In other words, we are all Brothers and Sisters on this earth plane, but in the higher levels of our consciousness, of our being, where there is no duality, we instinctively know and recognize we are all aspects of Source. We know and understand that we are individualized personalities of Source.


As individualized personalities, each soul or being is unique unto itself.

On the higher levels of love and light, consciousness is not fragmented even though there are many individualized aspects of Source exploring those levels.

This is because all these aspects of Source recognize the truth of who they are and, in doing so, automatically honor the free will choices of all other beings. As individualized personalities, each soul or being is unique unto itself.

Where there is no judgment, there is no fragmentation of consciousness.

The planetary consciousness of this world is entangled in fear on most levels at this time, which causes it to be very fragmented.

For this world to experience peace, humanity has to realize that now is the time to put aside all the cultural differences, religious differences, political differences, etc., that keeps humanity divided. It is time for this world to acknowledge women as equals to men in all areas of endeavor. To recognize that both sexes have their own unique attributes. As long as one aspect of society is suppressed so that another aspect can have power over it, this world will never know Peace.

All of these things give cause for brothers and sisters to make war on each other and on the very planet we live on.




Individuals and organizations who get on soapboxes and tell others what to do, how to do it, how to believe, etc., come from a judgmental place. A disempowered place where fear rules their experience.

The world is full of people with great intent in their hearts, but they empower their intentions through Judgment.

Judgment is one of the most powerful ways to cause fragmentation and separation within individuals and the greater collective consciousness of humanity. And as you can see, this is reflected in our world today and all down through our recorded history.

Regardless of their intent, anyone on a soapbox comes from a place of judgment; hence, their ability to affect change comes from a negative place. This means that the creations that reflect their judgments will always be negative.

For example, let us look at someone who recognizes the destruction of the planetary environment because of the abuses of individuals and organizations.

They become very angry because of this and decide the world needs to be changed. Their anger, of course, is grounded in their judgments and empowered from that place.

The individuals and groups responsible for polluting are, of course, coming from a negative place. And in this place, they can only perceive the little picture.

Because this individual is angry, they link to the individuals or groups of people they are in judgment of and empower those people and situations.

Their anger will feed the negativity that rules those beings engaging in practices that destroy the environment. This results in the environmental abusers becoming even stronger in their negativity at the expense of this person’s own energies.

Anything you judge in your experience is something you empower energetically at the expense of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Everyone you judge, you become an energy source for those people you are judgmental of.

So the angry, judgmental environmentalist supports those they despise for polluting the planet in a very powerfully negative way.

Whenever you use negativity to deal with negativity, the negativity becomes stronger in your experience and the experience of those you judge and adds to the negativity in the greater world.

The essence of who we are is an aspect of Source, a being of pure energy that inhabits a physical body to explore this level of creation.

Each of us requires energy that we draw from our Source self to empower our immune system and our creative and co-creative life choices.

So when people are ruled by judgment, they will find their ability to draw on their own Source energies greatly diminished.

As per the above example, those who pollute the planet are enmeshed in fear, and their ability to draw on their own source energies in the light, as mentioned, is greatly diminished.

As mentioned, when an environmentalist moves into a place of anger, that person will find themselves becoming an energy source for those they are in judgment of.

Anything that you judge in your experience is something that will persist in your experience. Anything that you judge in your experience is something you are supporting energetically at the expense of your own physical, mental, and emotional being. In this place, you will find it impossible to love truly, to be in a place to receive love truly and to be the master of your own life. When fear rules, you get to experience being a puppet.

Many people in this world seek power over others through all the various political, economic, religious, and cultural systems in this world.

If people did not judge these people, those seeking power for whatever reason would get sick and die because they deny their own Source energies, and as I have mentioned, they would have no other sources to feed off of on this level.

We would then find ourselves living in a world where love prevails. We would find ourselves living in a world where all of humanity would experience peace and harmony not only with all of humanity but all life in this world.

We would live in a world where we would not be polluting or destroying our home. A world where discord, abuse, and war would be a distant memory.

We would be living in a world that would be in a place to assist fully any of our lost brothers and sisters who choose to reincarnate. To assist them in overcoming their fears and returning to the light.




Someone who lives in fear is someone who is easily manipulated and controlled. They will find themselves being affected by negative people and energies outside themselves and by the fears they have created and given their power to.

For fear to control you, it requires you to be totally disempowered so that your own creations and your fears can be your master. Anyone who is ruled by fear for any reason is, again, a disempowered person. They are a puppet to their own fears. Their fears control how they see things perceive things, understand things, and, consequently, make choices to deal with their lives in ways that always accommodate their fears.

Through learning to meditate in ways that give you an opportunity to understand and master your fears, you will find yourself automatically opening up to the truth of who you are.

Who you are is simply an eternal, indestructible powerful being choosing to explore this reality. (An aspect of Source, a being of love and light).

When you consciously decide to meditate and open up to Love, you will find your whole world changing.

Whenever someone makes the decision to utilize the energies of love in all their creative choices, they will find themselves awakening to the truth of who they are without effort.

As a person masters their fears and opens up again to their true loving nature, they will find themselves being able to perceive the world from the big picture place.

When coming from this place, a person will have no problem knowing what to do or say in any situation that will serve the highest and greatest good of all concerned.




To love is the easiest thing in the world. It is the most powerful creative force you can utilize in your daily choices.

When like-minded people motivated by love combine their energies, they can channel love and understanding and show through their life’s examples another way to live in this world to the greater collective consciousness. The path of love, peace, and harmony

Those within the collective consciousness of humanity, who are controlled by fear at this time, will find it difficult even to sense and feel these energies within themselves. For many of these people, all they need is to see that there is another way of being.

Everything is energy, and the energies of love vibrate much higher than those of the energies of fear.

Many in this world are open to receiving the energies of love and growing in their awareness of who they are and their world as a result.

These people of like mind choose to be motivated by love who will find, as their energies increase, their ability to affect their personal lives and everyone around them in a powerful, positive, loving way.

We teach by example and attract others who have similar energies to our own. Therefore when we are peaceful, loving, and aware, those who wish to become the same way will ask how this serenity can be achieved.

Change can only take place in an individual when they seek it themselves. Trying to force others to adopt your beliefs and the choices you make because of your beliefs only results in them becoming even more entrenched in their old, negative judgmental ways.


How to change the world


The way to effect change in this world without having conflict with anyone else is to choose to be a loving person.

Seek out other people of like mind and combine your energies. As that happens, your mini collective consciousness, which resides in this planet’s greater fragmented collective consciousness, will grow.

As it grows, it will attract to it more people, and as this happens, the planetary fragmentation will diminish.

As mentioned earlier, each person who walks down this path will find that everyone who is linked to them will be affected by their choices to be a loving person. Have you not noticed that when someone is in a very negative place, it affects everyone in their experience in negative ways?

As I have mentioned previously, we are all linked. Our thoughts are radiated out into our world every moment of our life. Everyone in our experience picks up our thoughts. As I have mentioned, every thought anyone has is shared with all life in this world.

As your consciousness or energy field becomes more loving and consequently more powerful, your ability to influence others without you even talking to them will increase greatly because of how we are all linked in sharing each other’s thoughts.

You will notice others around you becoming more aware and interested in becoming aware because of the changes they see in you.

They will express their interest in understanding. They will open their own doors. When this happens, you will find that person being receptive to your truths.

It is important, though, to make sure people understand that your beliefs are your truth, and if they desire to become aware or empowered, they have to find their own truth.

You will find that when you are in that empowered, loving, aware place, you will have a great ability to assist them in finding their own truth.

Over the years, I have seen this happen over and over with people I have worked with. More often than not, it amazes them how their own family members and friends will start shifting how they think simply because they have.

We are all connected; we are all part of the collective consciousness on this planet, and our thoughts which are energy, affect all life in this world, as mentioned previously.

There is a saying in this world, “if you desire to change the world, change yourself.”

Every loving choice you make enhances the life force and light in yourself and the greater world.

Every negative choice depletes your life force and light and negatively affects all life in this world.

The greatest way to teach is through being a living example of the truth of who you are, a loving being.

So we invite you to join our mini collective consciousness of love and light and combine your energies with others of like mind so that we can become powerful examples of loving beings for all of our brothers and sisters who are shut down to the truth of who they are because of the fears that rule their experience.