Global peace meditations

Bridging the Gap That Divides Humanity

By opening to love

We are all one. The thought forms we choose to empower to deal with our life experiences ripple out from our consciousness and energy field and are shared with all life in this world.

If our choices are from a place of fear, then that’s the energy we share with all life.

More importantly, all adults in this world would be well served to realize that if they choose to continue creating from a place of fear, then they teach the children how to deal with their life experiences from that same place, a disempowered fear-based place.

Of course, the same thing happens when adults choose to create from a place of love; that’s the kind of thought forms they radiate into the greater collective consciousness. Consequently, they create opportunities for children and all beings to deal with this world from an empowered, loving place.

All of us are free-will beings. We can choose how we deal with this world. Do I choose to deal with this world from the fear-based place my parents and ancestors were taught to deal with life from? Or, do I decide to reprogram my consciousness, so my life choices reflect the truth of who I am, a being of love and light who recognizes that we are all one and part of the same family?

Our Vision

We are a group of like-minded people who realize there is great power in like-minded people coming together and utilizing their energies as a group for the highest and greatest good of humanity and all life in this world. Each person that joins increases the energies exponentially.

Each person that joins the group will find themselves reconnecting to everyone in their experience on levels of love and light the way all of us are in the realms of light.

Are you ready To open up to who you really are and meet up again in the light in unity?


 You are not alone. When you choose to love

Guided Global Peace Meditations are designed to assist each participant in clearing their energy fields of any negativity that interferes with their ability to be one with the truth of who they are, to let their light shine, and to merge their light with everyone else participating in the meditation which enhances the light in the world tremendously. There is great power in unity. Is it not time humanity experienced unity? What do you think? What do you choose? Peace and harmony or discord? It’s just a choice. Loneliness and disharmony feeling powerless, are only experienced when love is denied.