Bridging the gap that divides humanity by opening to love

The Intent of Global Peace Meditations

The collective energy of our group discussions and meditations becomes a conduit for profound healing energies within ourselves and the world. Through energy awareness, we unlock the wisdom of our interconnected nature, realizing that our experiences are intertwined. The profound shifts we initiate within ripple outward, influencing others to perceive the world through a lens of love and understanding. Join us in these transformative working meditations, where we harness the power of mindfulness and energy awareness to heal ourselves and the world.

Michael Simonson
A journey of conscious co-creation.

We are all interconnected, bound by our common existence as inhabitants of this earth. Recognizing this undeniable truth is the pathway to peace. Beyond the earth plane, in the elevated planes of our being where duality does not exist, we innately comprehend that we are extensions of a singular source, understanding and respecting the harmonious nature of our existence and the sacred autonomy of every being. Here, consciousness remains unified, not fractured, and judgment does not exist.

Our world, currently overwhelmed with fear, harbors fragmented collective consciousness. To foster peace, it is imperative to set aside the differences that divide us and to embrace gender equality, recognizing and celebrating the unique qualities everyone brings to the table.

While intentions may be pure, judgment often underlies the actions and perspectives of individuals and organizations, fostering negativity and fragmentation both personally and globally. It creates a cycle where negativity feeds negativity, diminishing the potential for positive change. For instance, an environmental activist, although driven by a desire to protect the planet, can unwittingly strengthen the forces of destruction through their anger and judgment.

To counteract this, it is essential to approach issues from a place of understanding and compassion, rather than judgment.

So, I invite you to be part of our Mini Collective Consciousness of Love and Light, pooling your energies with like-minded individuals as we become powerful beacons of love, inspiring those who are spiritually asleep to wake and embrace the truth of their being.

With Love and Light

Meditations are a gateway to discovering the truth of who we are.