How to prepare for the Global Peace Meditation

Before we start this guided meditation, I will take this opportunity to remind you that energy follows intent. Your thoughts determine your experience. In these meditations, I will ask you to repeat certain phrases after me to open you up energetically to clear your energies of any negative energies and negative thought forms that interfere with your ability to connect with your real self, your light-loving self.

This is important because the state of your energy field determines your ability to connect with your real self on this level. So clearing out any negative energies before the meditation will allow you to have a more powerful connection to your real self, source self, and unlimited all-knowing, loving self.

I would ask you not to become frustrated or endeavor to force yourself to see whatever is being presented to you in the guide meditations.

If you do become frustrated, you will destroy your ability to perceive beyond the physical, to access other realms or dimensions that you will find yourself having an opportunity to experience and explore When frustration is not part of your experience. 

Over time as you do the guided meditations, you’ll find yourself opening up and seeing everything that is presented in the guided meditations.

In these guided meditations, I will take you to a place in the inner planes of light where you have an opportunity to open up energetically to release negative thought forms and energies that interfere with your ability to be connected to the truth of who you are, to connect to your higher selves and the light.

I would also ask you to be aware of your breathing during the meditation, to make your intent before starting the meditation that with each breath you take, your connection to your source self and the totality of source increasing.

To make your intent with each breath that you take that your energy centers, your energy fields are lining in clearing with the truth of who you are.

It is important that while you are meditating that you are comfortable. Make sure you turn off your phone or anything else that may interrupt you during your meditation.